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Why Learn Python

Data Science and Machine Learning

Every organization has it and most want to find ways to use it to help them grow their business. Data Science helps make decision based on facts, statistical number, trends etc.

Machine learning can be the key to unlocking the value of corporate and customer data and enacting decisions that keep a company ahead of the competition.

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The Fastest Growing Programming Language

Python uses in many industries and applications. Many researches and data show, Python is growing rapidly.

For example, determined Python to be the fastest growing major programming language by analyzing the number of visitors vs. questions about a certain topic.


Highly Paid Salary

Python developers are one of the highest paid developers, particularly in the Data Science, Machine learning and web development.

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The Most In-Demand Programming Language

Going hand-in-hand with lightning speed growth, Python programming is in high demand for jobs.

Based on the number of job postings on one of the largest job search platforms,, they compiled the top ten in-demand programming languages of 2019.


Easy to read, write and learn

This is the single biggest reason for beginners to learn Python. When you first start with programming and coding, you don’t want to start with a programming language, which has tough syntax and weird rules.

Python is both readable and simple. It also easier to setup, you don’t need to deal with any classpath problems like Java or compiler issues like C++.

Huge Python Community

You need a community to learn a new technology and friends are your biggest asset when it comes to learning a programming language. You often get stuck with one or other issue and that time you need helping hand.

Thanks to Google, you can find the solution of your any Python related problem in minutes. Communities like StackOverflow also brings many Python experts together to help newcomers.

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